As we formulated our plan for the creation of Swift we recognized the need in the Western Canada marketplace for a great company that could provide opportunity to other SME’s (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) and their owners in helping them achieve a greater potential.

Swift is looking for like minded leaders of companies who want to “build great” as well. We envision a network of organizations unified around a great central brand. These strategic relationships will empower us in building legacy and enhanced recognition in our operating marketplace.

A Great Fit

Many smaller organizations with successful well established brands, have not had the desire or resource base to implement a growth orientated strategy. In effect, these brands would now be able to overcome the challenges imposed by an increasingly more complex operating environment. They would have a strong team in their corner, additional capital available for improvements and potential exits for their ownership group.

The following is the high level evaluation criteria for potential partnerships:

  • Established business reputation in the Western Canada light industrial market
  • Reasonable sales record, positive growth potential, the potential to increase market share
  • Active in a significant portion of the value chain (i.e. design, build, distribute, commission, service, etc.)
  • Positive profits and cash flow
  • Owners wishing to pull back or even exit from day to day operations
  • Owners open to sell/merge/joint venture/progressive vendor financing to a new larger company